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Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer

My name is Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer, and I am the  President of Kingston Data & Credit Inc, an accounts receivable management firm that performs third party collections, credit reporting, trace services, and credit management consulting across Canada and the United States.  I am an Associate of the Credit Institute (ACI) with 32 years experience in credit and collections.  Along with our founder, Jason Kingston, I have undertaken a collection agency because we were not satisfied with the level of service or professionalism that a traditional collection agency model performs.  We believe that all clients should receive professional treatment from skilled individuals who have the tools to do their job efficiently and effectively, and that our team members should be empowered members of the management team, not just people filling cubicles blindly performing work.

We believe that our clients are valued business partners — if you need information, guidance, or advice on accounts receivable management, we have the staff here to help you. We believe in a healthy credit cycle, from credit approval all the way to bad debt write-off.

Whether you are dealing directly with myself, or with one of our Receivables Managers, you have my assurances that we will treat your business in a prompt, professional, and effective manner, and benefit your company's bottom line.  We are the professional alternative to a collection agency.


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