What Makes Us Different

We are an Accounts Receivable Management firm, not a traditional collection agency. The significant difference can be seen by both our clientele and the debtors we contact to recover receivables.

* No one is raising their voices.

* Our company presents real consequences, rather than dealing in intimidation and emotion.

A collection agency typically takes an aggressive approach to recoveries, and garners no positive reputation for the creditor. Our office takes a holistic approach to the entire credit cycle, and invests heavily in training staff to present a professional demeanor and put efforts into creating a positive image to be associated with creditors.

• We maintain a blog called Receivable / Accounts (www.receivableaccounts.blogspot.com) that offers credit awareness articles for not just credit managers, but consumers as well, advising them of what legal rights the creditors have to recover their funds, as well as preventative steps to prevent consumer debt.

• We have published articles through the National Credit News Journal (www.ncnjournal.com) and the Credit Institute of Canada

• We offer consumer credit awareness workshops to the community, sharing our expertise with those who need it, to improve consumers’ knowledge of proper credit-worthiness and payment habits.

• We feel our reputation is important to us – we have several recommendations on our Linkedin and Google company pages from other creditors, and strive to maintain positive relations with consumers, offering them credit awareness tools, even after they have paid, to prevent repeated collection activity with those individuals.

We invite you to do a background search on our company – you will not find a collection agency with a reputation like ours. We also have actual letters from clients to supplement our online testimonials. This is what sets us apart as the professional alternative to a “collection agency”.

Our Company Mantra is displayed on our walls to remind us of what is important to our company culture:

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