Fitness Collections

weight-lifting-iconMost consumers who end up with a fitness debt are stable consumers who value their credit rating – they have disposable income, and as such often use credit to maintain their standard of living, purchasing houses, cars, or seeking credit for large purchases. These consumers, if they understand the ramifications of credit reporting, often want to resolve their accounts to avoid a negative rating on their bureau. However, often the consumer does not understand that by joining a gym or club, they may have a financial obligation for a year or more of monthly membership fees, along with a cancellation or late fee. There are a significant segment of consumers that are challenged to understand their financial obligation.

The Professional Alternative To A Collection Agency

We have been representing a number of fitness chains for a number of years now, and our clients include Anytime Fitness, 5 Star Fitness, Allure Fitness, Physiomed Fitness, and more, and we’ve had memberships reinstated, helped clubs understand what can be enforced on a contract, and collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for the franchise as a whole. We attend fitness conferences, and we've met the club owners - fun people, solid business managers, and caring human beings.

We really care about fitness collections, and want to help you and your club!

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