Gray McCoy

Gray McCoy

Receivables Manager

My name is Gray McCoy, 

I am the Receivables Manager at Kingston Data and Credit, I handle collections and working with people reclaim their credit. I’ve been working for KDC for 7 months, and in collections for 15 years.

I enjoy working with people to help them regain control of their financial future by assisting them with getting their credit score back on track for them. I’ve learned that everyone has a reason for being in the position they are in and no 2 cases are the same .I And because of that each case has to be handled differently, that it can be an emotional time for some and that reactions are based on that. A kind word and just listening to someone shows that it doesn’t have to be a bad experience with a collector. Being able to mark an account paid in full is the biggest reward for me as I know that I have made a difference in someone’s life for the positive.

Outside of work to relax I will sit back and watch a good movie as I enjoy the escapism it provides. With a collection of over 3000 movies I rarely have a problem seeing something new. I also have been known to sit down behind a set of drums to relax as well. 

"Nothing happens until something moves.” ~ Albert Einstein

If you have any questions, I can be reached at 855-530-8084 or by email at



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