Sherry Landry

Receivables Manager

Hello, my name is Sherry Landry.

I am a Receivables Manager and was lucky enough to join the Kingston Data and Credit family
back in October 2020. My daily goal is to handle collections and provide different avenues to
help people rebuild their credit.

I enjoy my job because I have had the opportunity to talk with so many different people and
build rapport with many of them. My position has allowed me to enhance my understanding and
empathy for others as well as enjoy feeling proud of them when they successfully pay their
account in full and are removed from collections.

I know that nobody enjoys getting a call from a collector, so I try to keep it as light as possible
and strive to getting every person on the right track with their credit.

When I am not at work I enjoy reading, going for walks and spending time with loved ones.
The world has changed for everyone, and I am proud to be part of a team that focuses on
helping others.

Sherry Landry

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