Yoana Rivas

Receivables Manager

I started my career in collections at the age of 21. It's something I fell into while looking for work.

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I had an extensive background in sales and customer service and quickly caught on in collections. Within 2 months I was honored with employee of the month. My experience is very diverse. I've worked on behalf of CIBC, CIBC student loans, Bank of America, TD Canada Trust. I've also done work for insurance companies working to make arrangement with uninsured motorist involved in collisions in the state of California, as well as Owners on past due insurance premiums. I've also done contract work for 2 of the biggest engineering firms in Canada, along with account receivable work for the biggest recruitment firm in the world. This career is something I fell into now being 10yrs later. I very much enjoy what I do. I love speaking with consumers to help them understand and educate on the important of Credit in North America. Anyone can easily fall behind in bills in find themselves in these situations. I try to combine empathy along with education to help consumers get back on track. Kingston Data & Credit is the first agency I've worked for who has the same beliefs as I do. It's a pleasure to be part of a company where I can see my skills are appreciated.

When I’m not working I spend my free time working out and dancing. I’ve been dancing since I was very 4, so I love to take drop in classes whenever I can.
If you need help resolving your account feel free to reach out to me. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how helpful I can be in helping you with your financial goals.


Yoana Rivas

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