Meaghan Rahn

Receivables & Outreach Manager


My name is Meaghan Rahn and I'm a Receivables Manager and Outreach Manager at Kingston Data and Credit. I have been working in the collections industry since 2007 at different agencies and have seen how other companies operate their businesses. What I like about Kingston Data and Credit is how we approach collections in a very different way than other agencies, and I feel what we are doing here is unique to our industry.

My role in Receivables Management at Kingston Data and Credit I am able to manage delinquent accounts in a fair and professional manner.  I like to ensure that each consumer is approached with the courtesy, and we can give the consumer options and opportunities to resolve their debts comfortably, which satisfies the need for resolution for both client and consumer.

At Kingston Data and Credit I also have the role of the Outreach Manager.  It's my responsibility to speak with many different creditors and discuss their needs and goals regarding any outstanding receivables the challenges they face, and I'm happy to find solutions by finding ways our companies can work together to achieve great results.  By bringing my collections experience to the table, I can offer real solutions for our clients

If you would like to reach me, my direct line is 226-535-2023, or I can be reached via email at



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